March 21 - 24, 2016

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Springfield, IL


Moderator Information Update


As Vice Chair of the Section, my job is to insure that the technical program at WATERCON has educational value.   Your job as moderators is to help us to insure that also.   When you are looking over the abstracts please be aware of any blatant sales pitches.  Examples of blatant sales pitches that we will not accept, are direct comparisons of competitive products.   That is not allowed at WATERCON and the presenter should be notified immediately that their presentation needs to be altered.  

The presenters should have an educational focus to their presentation.   We understand that many people use case studies to show how something was completed or what equipment was used in the project that they are overviewing.  That is commonly done and acceptable.   If they have a good portion of slides that talks about how great their product is specifically  - that is learning toward a sales talk only and they need to be requested to revise their presentation to focus on the learning outcome and not their product.   We also want to insure that the presentation submitted follows the abstract that was submitted and selected.  If presenters switch their presentation to something other than the abstract submitted, we would need to be notified.

Sometimes is not possible to make a judgment call by simply looking at their presentation.  You will need to call them and ask them to walk you through their presentation and judge at that time if it needs to be revised. 

We realize this can be a tough discussion at times and we are willing to contact the presenters if you feel you are in an awkward position to have that email or phone conversation.   We have written a sample paragraph for you to consider below that you can cut and paste into an email to give you a starting point.  Feel free to use or edit it as you see fit. 

If you do email any presenters with a request to edit their file, please copy so that we can be aware that a new presentation will be uploaded to the same location as the original presentation.  The deadline for any changes at all is March 15th.  After that point we cannot accept any revisions. 

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!  There are quite a few presentations that need some attention and I could not do this without your help, so I really appreciate it!

Chris Ulm, P.E.
ISAWWA Technical Session
Committee Chair

Here is the link to the moderator review page.  You can see the PDFs links on the left.  If the presentation is highlighted in red, we are still awaiting the presentation from the speaker.

Don't Forget!!  Moderator Training Conference Call

We will be having a moderator training sessions to discuss what your WATERCON duties will be - keeping track of time, tracking attendees, what to do if you have technical difficulties, etc.  ALL moderators are requested to attend one of these sessions, whether you have moderated before or not.  These sessions will last less than 1 hour.

Please use this link to sign up:

Moderator Training Session - Wednesday, March 9th @ 9:00 am