How to Create a Buyers Guide Listing on the NEW Illinois Section AWWA website
Presenting the new Illinois Section AWWA member resource website

Buyers Guide listings are available for members of the Illinois Section AWWA. In order to participate in the Buyers Guide, you will need to create a separate profile that is exclusively for your Buyers Guide account on the new Illinois Section AWWA website. When setting up your Buyers Guide account, you will need your Illinois Section AWWA member number. If you do not know your member number, place "9999” into the member number field and Section staff will look it up for you; or you can access your member number in the separate profile for your individual or service provider membership.


1. GO TO SITE - go to

2. REGISTER - select Register in the upper right hand corner of screen. If you are already logged in you will see the words Sign Out. Please Sign Out and then select Register.

3. SELECT TYPE - Select your member type - Buyers Guide

4. USERNAME - Create a unique username and enter your first name and last name. Your username cannot be the same as your personal user name on the site. After you enter username, first name and last name, select Continue

5. FILL IN BLANKS - Fill in the blanks. Any information you show in this form, will be available to the general public when they do a "Buyers Guide" search on the website. At any time that you want to change any of these listings, simply log in and make your changes.

6. GROUP MODERATOR - We have many interest groups forming on the new site. If you are interested in more information on becoming a group moderator, select the appropriate response.

7. MANAGE PROFILE - After you have initially entered your information, select Manage Profile from the options on the right side of page and you can upload photos, documents, make connections and send messages.


Why do I need to set up a separate profile for the Buyers Guide with a different login and password? I already have a profile for my individual or service provider membership.
The Buyers Guide profile is the only type of account that will make all of your contact information and data visible to the general public; whereas an individual or service provider profile only provides certain contact information to the general public in order to protect our member’s information. The Buyers Guide information that you provide will be available to anyone searching for a supplier of services or products and they do not need to be logged in to the website to view the Buyers Guide information.


How long will this information be available on the site?
It will stay there for as long as you are a member of the Illinois Section AWWA.

What if I am a member of another Section, not Illinois? Can I still create a Buyers Guide listing?
If you add Illinois to your membership as an additional Section, yes you can. Just call our office and we will walk you through those steps.

Is there any charge for this benefit?
No. It is FREE as part of your supporting Illinois Section AWWA

Is there a limit to the number of items I can select?
No. Select as many as you are providing.

Can I upload my logo in place of the buyers guide icon?
Absolutely! We encourage you to do so, and also add photos of products you offer!

REFER OTHERS - If you think the Buyers Guide is awesome and you want to share this with your friends, select the Refer a Friend option on the right hand menu. People who have significant referrals will be recognized by Illinois Section AWWA.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks - we are looking forward to offering additional member only benefits and thank you for your support of the Illinois Section AWWA.