This page will serve as the starting point for our meeting on October 31st at 10:30 am to talk about email, social media and member communications.  Please fill in your current practices before then by updating this page directly.  thanks. 


 Staff Topic Method Frequency To Whom Other Other Other
 LD Committee event - conversation live email quarterly members      
 LD Question from a member email as requested members      
 LD Monthly member email email end of month members      
SR Quarterly Upcoming Seminars/Webinars email quarterly entire db      
SR Upcoming Seminar in Your Area email 2 weeks prior targeted      
SR Upcoming Seminar in Your Area fax 1 week prior targeted      
SR Special offers to fill a seminar email 1 week prior
 as needed
SR Mini-Conferences email 1 month prior targeted      
SR Mini-Conferences email 2 weeks prior targeted      
SR Mini-Conferences fax after early bird expires targeted      
SR Meeting Reminder & Agenda email 1 week prior committee      
SR Meeting Minutes & Next mtg reminder email 1-2 days after mtg committee      
 MP Webinar Promotional Emails email 1 week prior Entire Database      
 MP Handouts for webinars email 3 days before  targeted      
 MP  Follow up to webinars email immediately following webinar targeted      
 MP   Archived Webinars FB  Quarterly or more frequent ( goal)



 SR Attendee Handouts email 1 day before seminar attendees      
 SR Host details email 30 days before seminar moderator      
SR Presenter details email 30 days before seminar presenter      
 SR Instructions & Paperwork for Seminar email 1 day before seminar moderator & presenter      
SR Mini-Conference Presentation Reminder email 2 weeks before mini-conference presenters      
SM Welcome to ISAWWA-login info email upon joining new members      
SM Expired membership email various expired members      
SM 60 day Exec Dir welcome email 60 days after joining members