Reasons to attend WATERCON 2016 -
Tell us why you are attending WATERCON and get a free drink ticket.

  • 22 - Test your gambling skills ( for fun) at the Casino Night 
  • 21 - Meet up with old friends and make new ones that you will be able to call on for help.
  • 20 - Maintain your operator and engineering credentials by attending relevant up to date workshops.
  • 19 - Participate in a study workshop to brush up on your knowledge before taking the operator test.
  • 18 - Participate in the exhibit hall logo hunt for a chance to win an ipad.
  • 17 - Attend sector specific training just for you such as operator, small systems, young professionals. 
  • 16 - Learn how to be more effective with your time.
  • 15 - Enjoy the friendship and knowledge shared at the round table topic lunches on Monday.
  • 14 - Share the precious knowledge that you have with others,  presenting a paper, leading a workshop, creating a class or webinar.
  • 13 - Meet your fellow committee members in person that you generally know by voice only. 
  • 12 - See if your communities water can be named "best tasting water in Illinois."
  • 11 - Meet other new members at the new member breakfast on Tuesday morning.
  • 10 - Meet the representatives from the Illinois regulatory agencies in a social environment.
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