March 21- 24th, 2016
Crowne Plaza Hotel - 3000 S. Dirksen Parkway - Springfield, IL

Attendees will evaluate sessions based on the following criteria with a scale of 5 to 1 with 5 being the highest rating.
  • Relevant - The presentation content was relevant.
  • Content - The presentation was innovative and complete in its conclusion.
  • Acquired Knowledge - The knowledge I acquired will be applied in my work environment.
  • Recommend - I would recommend this topic for a half day seminar or webinar.
  • Communication - The content was communicated at a level that met my expectations.
  • Commercial Bias - The content was free of commercial bias.
  • Audio Visuals - Presenter made good use of audio visuals materials.
  • Engaging - The presentation was engaging.
  • Knowledgeable - The presenter was knowledgeable about the subject.

Please fill in all of the fields below. The WATERCON Technical Committee will select papers in early September. Please select the most appropriate category for your presentation. The Technical Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any papers and place papers in the category most appropriate for the Conference.

Presenters will be given free member rate registration for one day of the conference. A "presenter" discount code will be issued to you upon acceptance of the paper(s) and that will entitle you to a "presenters discount" upon checkout on registration. Multi-day presenters will be discounted the equivalent of one day's registration fee. Discount code is valid through January 15, 2016.

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All presentations are to be based on scientific data and research and are not to be product specific. Any product specific abstracts selected may be assigned to the New Products Session. All PowerPoints will be reviewed by the technical program committee.

Deadline for submission of abstract is August 31, 2015 (extended to September 11th)

Deadline for submission of PowerPoint is January 15th. Those who submit by January 15th will be allowed to upload one revision prior to February 15th.

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Most presentations are 30 minutes including question and answer. You may request a longer period of time if you are hosting a multiple presentation themed track, panel discussion or workshop.

The Education Committee creates a one day track focused on topics specifically for operators. Below are the topics they are seeking this year. Please check the appropriate category if you would like to be included in the Operator Track.

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