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April 15, 2014
Brian Kooistra, Young Professionals Committee Chair

Reminder of Free Lunch - RSVP required

Simply a Meet N Eat - Yes it is a Free Lunch for Young Professionals in the Chicago area.

You are all invited if you work in water or wastewater. You can be an engineer, operator, customer service, equipment manufacturer, etc. This is the type of networking where you will meet your next client, friend or boss. Don't miss out on this opportunity for truly a free lunch. RSVP's are required so we know how much to order!

See you there. Ask for Brian Kooistra or the AWWA table.

RSVP required - deadline for reservations April 17th.

YP Meet n’ Eat
April 22 @ 11:30am
Poag Mahone’s
333 South Wells

Someone you should know - Karen Snyder, Communications Consultant

May 14th - Sharing 10 - 2pm - 10 minutes that could change your life

Karen Snyder has worked in the water/wastewater profession for nearly 30 years. Karen began her career in water straight out of college -- with a degree in journalism/public relations – working for a mid-sized Pennsylvania water utility where she was responsible for all areas of customer, media, governmental, construction and emergency communication. Since 1999, Karen has worked with Katz & Associates, Inc. providing strategic communication consulting services to water utilities and other government agencies throughout the United States. Through issues associated with customer rate increases, neighbor opposition to construction, sinkhole formation following water breaks, and billion dollar CIP implementation, Karen has gained a strong respect for the many areas of expertise that must work together seamlessly for project and utility success.

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Community Engineering Corps - Application Review Committee needs volunteers

AWWA, ASCE and Engineers Without Borders have partnered on this new initiative to work on domestic water-related projects. It’s a great opportunity to volunteer!! You have to be an AWWA, ASCE or Engineers Without Borders member.

We are seeking volunteers for the Application Review Committee. In order to qualify as a volunteer you need to have 2+ years of work experience. Information on what exactly you will do as an ARC volunteer is attached. Your time commitment could be up to a year; however, it may be as little as 1 hour a month to 6 hours a month. We have over 20 open volunteer positions.

This committee will meet virtually – no in-person meetings and no travel required. It’s a great way to give back to the water industry.

How to Apply

Interested volunteers must apply by submitting a resume and cover letter. In your cover letter, please address any experience you have had with community development projects, in addition to any experience with the assessment, design, management, operation, or review of small-scale infrastructure projects. You may also list any other volunteer experience that would contribute to your effectiveness on this committee. If you meet the qualifications and are interested in serving on the ARC, please submit your resume and cover letter to or Lindsey Geiger,