Monday 8:30 AM
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Room: Diamond

Overview of Biosolids Composting – The Science, Production and Use in Illinois

Biosolids composting is an attractive approach to production of value-added biosolids products but very little is done in the State of Illinois compared to other parts of the US. This presentation will cover the science of composting, the status of biosolids composting in Illinois, and the regulations governing production and use of biosolids compost in the State.

Moderator:  Lou Kollias


Albert Cox - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Head Biosolids Utilization and Soil Science Section
Monitoring and Research Department, MWRDGC

• BS Agronomy, Alabama A&M
• MS Soil Science, Clemson U.
• Ph.D. Soil Science, Purdue U.
• MWRDGC - 12 years: 
• Currently supervises group of environmental soil scientists engaged in research, marketing and technical guidance on biosolids management.