Monday 9:00 AM
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Room: Diamond

A Home-Made Sustainable Biosolids Program: Making and Distributing a Class A Product Without a Listed PFRP at the Downers Grove Sanitary District

The Downers Grove Sanitary District's Class A distribution program has consistently gained approval through testing for thirty years. Dewatered anaerobically digested sludge is stockpiled and aged on-site before final drying and pulverization, making a highly desirable soil supplement/fertilizer with widespread appeal. The testing regimen includes in-house pathogen, metals and nutrient testing, supplemented with contracted vector attraction testing. Finished biosolids are left at a public pickup station, or delivered in bulk to a highly diversified group of private, commercial, and government end-users. The cost of the program is consistently low and predictable, and the operation is independent of outside contractor's schedules and availability, providing significant flexibility for the overall operation of the facility.

Moderator:  Lou Kollias


Nick Menninga - Downers Grove Sanitary District

BS Chemical engineering, University of Illinois

Over 25 years experience in the municipal wastewater industry, including 6 years at Illinois EPA, 11 years as a consulting engineer at HNTB and Greeley and Hansen.   8 years experience at wastewater agencies, including the Hammond Indiana Sanitary District and Downers Grove Sanitary District. 

Class 1 Certified Wastewater Operator in Illinois
Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois
Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers
Member of Water Environment Federation since 1985, currently with Central States and Illinois WEA
President of Illinois Association of Wastewater Agencies