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Room: Sapphire

Improved Nitrogen Removal Using Collection System Bioaugmentation at the Homestead Village Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment facility for the Homestead Village apartment community treats about 115,000 gallons per day and must meet a 10 mg/L total nitrogen limit for discharge into onsite infiltration beds. The facility struggled to consistently meet this requirement; 8 out of 10 effluent water samples tested for total nitrogen between January 1, 2010, and November 30, 2010, were in violation of the 10 mg/L limit, due to limited denitrification. The construction of an additional clarifier was cost-prohibitive for this facility so the management, under sanction from the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, initiated a trial evaluation of a collection system bioaugmentation (CSB) program. Since the trial started, average effluent nitrate has dropped from 17.4 mg/L to 4.95 mg/L. This paper will highlight some unique events during this program, while also focusing on the possible mechanisms for enhancing nitrogen removal with bioaugmentation in the collection system.

Moderator:  Mike Lutz


Rich Schici - In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc.

Senior Engineering Manager
Relevant Work Experience
Work experience includes:
• 14 years in the water and wastewater industry
• Consultant with MWH to solve problems related to water & wastewater infrastructure, treatment plant operations, biological processes, and water reuse
• Process modeling; sanitary sewer, treatment plant, and water system design and construction
• Serves In-Pipe as a technical resource for wastewater engineering
• Affiliated with 7 different environmental agencies including WEF, WERF, and Central States WEA.