Monday 9:30 AM
Wet Weather 
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Room: Emerald

Mitigating Residential Flooding -A Case Study from DuPage County

Historic flooding and drainage problems have turned this residential area in DuPage County, Illinois, into a wet weather damage center. The principal cause of this flooding is the inadequate capacity of a nearby creek to convey runoff during wet weather. A flood control plan was developed and recommended two stormwater reservoirs, a pumping station and a large sized stormwater discharge sewer to store and convey stormwater to a downstream reach of the creek where it will have reduced impact. The presentation will describe the flood control plan being implemented including details of considerations made regarding construction of the pumping station and stormwater discharge sewer improvements in their developed neighborhoods.

Moderator:  Dan Small


Anant Sriram, P.E. - Greeley and Hansen LLC

Mr. Anant Sriram is an Associate with Greeley and Hansen Engineers with 10 years of experience in the water and wastewater sector including various facility design and construction management, wastewater collection and water distribution systems.
He is a registered Professional Engineer and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University, New York.