GPS Data Collection Training
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EPA ID#: 5171
Room: A117
Time: 11:15 - 12:00pm CST
Presenter: Andrew Robb, Autodesk AEC & Trimble MGIS Sales,

Moderator: Doug Strempek

Seiler Instrument has had great success with multiple municipal clients integrating spatial technologies such as GIS and GPS enabled mobile computers. Both of these technologies have become ubiquitous in the field as well as in office environments. We’ll review options relating to how data is prepared for the field, collected in the field and then moved back into the office environment. Once this spatial data is received back at the office it can be analyzed for many different applications including, but not limited to: planning and design, utility asset management, inventory, asset repositioning, and facilities management. Seiler Instrument Company provides State, Local & Federal Govt., as well as Consulting Engineering firms, with these GPS based solutions and work-flows to facilitate their mobile data collection requirements for their clients.