GIS Implementation for Infrastructure: Maximizing Your Resources - A Case Study of the Village of South Elgin
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IEPA ID#: 5169
Room: A117
Time: 1:30 - 2:00PM CST
Presenter: Dan Mann, Village of South Elgin, & Andy Zaletel, Baxter & Woodman, Inc.,

Moderator: Terry McGhee

The session will provide general information, technical guidance, and an overview of the process utilized for the implementation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for utility infrastructure within the Village of South Elgin. The construction and implementation of a useful, accurate GIS hinges on three key components: the collection of accurate information, the management of the data, and "buy-in” by staff. This presentation will outline the efforts and processes utilized by the Village of South Elgin and Baxter & Woodman in the implementation of an accurate and useful GIS. Specifically, the GPS data collection of utility infrastructure, integrating development and improvement projects utilizing GIS, and the collaboration of Baxter & Woodman and Village staff to manage the data and maximize the usefulness of the GIS.