Excel Training
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IEPA ID#: 5166
Room: A123
Time: 9:00 - 10:00AM CST
Presenter: Jim Huchel, City of Crystal Lake, jhuchel@crystallake.org

Moderator: Jim Huchel

What is a good use for excel at your facility. To collect and analyze data is one good use. But when I do that I have issues with DIV/0. Then I can’t get an average, but what IF I didn’t have that DIV/0. What about those other irritating errors that I get can someone explain how I get rid of those. What if I want data to transfer between spread sheets, can excel does that? Yes it can, excel is a great tool if you know how to work.This class is for who are familiar with excel and want it to do more with "IF Statements”, "ISERROR”, and other basic formulas. It will also show people how to create, edit and update a link to another spreadsheet. If time is remaining we will answer specific question you might have so bring your spread sheets on a flash drive.