Smart Data-Enabled Motor Control Centers
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IEPA ID#: 5176
Room: A240
Time: 11:30 - 12:00PM CST
Presenter: Nick Fracasso, Rockwell Automation

Moderator: John Schori

Traditional Motor Control Centers (MCCs) have been around for decades and have typically been considered a part of the electrical distribution system, often being supplied by and installed by electricians. In recent years, MCCs have started to be more of a SCADA component than an electrical component. Today’s demand for reduced power consumption, improved power optimization, and better overall power information monitoring has driven the need for more intelligent MCCs. Rockwell / Allen Bradley will present and explain what makes an MCC intelligent, the different options for new construction, replacement/upgrades, information on specifications, as well as show how improved intelligence coming from MCCs can save utilities money in reduced power.