Crystal Lake’s Use of the iPad for Field Data Collection & Remote SCADA Access
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IEPA ID#: 5164
Room: B170
Time: 10:30 - 11:15AM CST
Presenter: Andy Resek, City of Crystal Lake & Chris Sosnowski, B&W Control Systems Integration

Moderator: Chris Sosnowski

The City of Crystal Lake Water Department has been using the Apple iPad for field-based data collection and secured, remote SCADA access for approximately six months. Prior to the implementation of the iPad, the Water Department had used a paper and clipboard approach to collecting daily operations data, which was then entered a second time into Excel worksheets regularly, spending hours per week doing "double data entry.” Information from the City’s SCADA server was also manually transferred into Excel. Now the City’s daily SCADA data is automatically entered into a Microsoft SQL 2008R2 database, where it is combined with data that is collected by the iPad. Monthly operational and IEPA reports are generated in PDF format literally with the click of a button, and the paper-based data entry process has been eliminated. The presentation will cover the background of the iPad project, a summary of the hardware and software used, some hurdles encountered, as well as a live demonstration of the iPad in use.