Asset Management Overview
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IEPA ID#: 5160
Room: B170
Time: 11:15 - 12:00PM CST
Presenter: Jim Graham, PE, Lucity,

Moderator: Terry McGhee

In today’s age of budget cuts and layoffs, utility managers are focusing on cost effective ways of doing more with less. Increasing the efficiency of operations and maintenance is at the forefront of this endeavor. This discussion will explore the effectiveness of deploying an asset management system through commercial, off-the-shelf software.The acceptance of computerized maintenance management software has been growing rapidly for the last several years. Many utility managers believe this software is necessary to meet the regulatory challenges we face day in and day out. Whether it’s CMOM reporting or regulatory compliance a CMMS system can manage the information and compile the results through a cost effective process. However having accurate and up to date information inside the CMMS is key to improving O&M management. Using cost-effective, maintenance and condition assessment processes can provide the CMMS with the information necessary for management planning and analysis. Observed operational problems can be cross-referenced against work order history, customer complaints or condition assessment results inside the CMMS to improve managers understanding of how and why such issues occur.