Case Study: Secure Remote Access for Asset Management, SCADA, GIS for the Downers Grove Sanitary District
[Presentation PDF]
IEPA ID#: 5159
Room: B170
Time: 2:30 - 3:15PM CST
Presenter: Clay Campbell, Downers Grove Sanitary District & Larry Kravets, B&W Control Systems Integration

Moderator: Kevin Lookis

The Downers Grove Sanitary District was looking for a secure way to extend office technology for its staff that spends a high percentage of their time in the field with customers. Staff previously had to come back to the office to review information only available on the internal network and then travel back to the customer, which created inefficiencies.

A technology solution was developed to better enable the District’s workforce and provide secure access to internal resources from outside the District’s network. The District’s Internet Service Provider’s simple firewall was replaced a business class Cisco appliance that delivers a much higher level of security to the WWTC network. The device is configured to enable secure, encrypted, and audited remote access connections from outside the District’s network. Applications such as SCADA (GE ProficyiFix), Asset Management (Lucity, which used to be called GBA Master Series), and GIS (ESRI products) are now available securely from outside the District network. Staff members out of the office who provide services to customers are now able to use laptops with air cards to securely access resources in the District’s network. The presentation will show how the project created new levels of efficiencies, reduces travel time & expense, and provides more timely services to customers by having real-time information at the in the field. A live demonstration of the remote access tools will conclude the presentation.