Verizon Capabilities for Water and Wastewater Utilities
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IEPA ID#: 7271
Room: C002
Time: 10:00 - 10:45 am
Presenter: J.D. Talken, Verizon Wireless

Moderator: Chris Sosnowski

SUMMARY: Verizon is a multi-faceted company with a large portfolio of products and services for the entire utilities industry which includes public and private water utilities. Verizon’s wireless network provides a superior platform on which the water utilities can improve operational efficiencies and cut costs using IP technology. Verizon’s cellular network (with contiguous RF spectrum throughout the USA) is being leveraged in the areas of automating SCADA, along with AMI, Smart Meter and Smart Grid initiatives. In addition, many utilities are turning to Verizon to recommend "best in class” solutions that utilize mobile workforce management applications. In addition, water reclamation agencies have used Verizon and its partners to implement extensive video surveillance applications to monitor and detect any abnormalities or faults in the waste water and water treatment systems. Verizon is currently working with most all of the major electric, gas and water utilities and has a team of experts dedicated to this market. Verizon is uniquely positioned in the utilities market because it serves as an "agnostic” advisor and will often work in tandem with whatever manufacturer(s) the individual utility may select. In the electric utility, as an example Verizon may works closely with such companies as Ambient, Silver Spring, ITRON, Elster and Corix to name just a few. It’s important to note that Verizon operates two word-class Innovation Centers and certifies all the manufacturers who wish to connect to its network. Verizon sees nearly every vendor in the entire utility-eco-system. This puts Verizon in a unique position to consult with the water utilities on what is working and what is still in incubation stages. As an example, Verizon recently certified a water meter manufacturer who has "bundled” the price of the meter and the cellular network into one monthly recurring charge over a long number of years. In summary, Verizon provides an important foundation for water utilities and water municipalities. Verizon is enabling these entities to see improved ROI and operational efficiencies while maintaining world-class reliability and security of the applications.

J.D. Talken, Verizon Wireless

J.D. Talken, Manager-Advanced Solutions Architects with Verizon Wireless, has worked in the wireless industry for over ten years. He has an extensive background in the manufacturing and transportation industries. In his current role, J.D. has become a subject matter expert in the area of creating connections between useful business analytics and reporting in order to help the client make critical business decisions. He also engages his teams to bring their expertise to their clients to enable the client to become more efficient and/or to generate more revenue through the application of technologies. J.D. notes, "My teams are talking with our customers on a daily basis in order to help them find new and different ways to improve their businesses in using mobile devices to foster collaboration. Our end goal is to help our clients to use wireless technologies to its fullest advantages while keeping their corporate data secure.