Water 20/20 – Bringing Water Smart Networks Into Focus
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IEPA ID#: 7288
Room: C005
Time: 11:15 - 11:45 am
Presenter: Dave Wiegers, Sensus USA

Moderator: John Schori

SUMMARY: Smart water networks represent a tremendous opportunity for water utilities to realize significant financial savings, address global concerns on water safety and quality, and position themselves for an increasingly resource-constrained future. The time is right for utilities to seize this opportunity, but that success will require the collective effort and collaboration of stakeholders across the water industry. In this presentation, we have drawn on market analyses and a range of utility interviews and survey insights to craft a vision for smart water network solutions and their potential benefits for utilities and their stakeholders. While smart water networks will continue to evolve as industry players innovate and utilities discover new needs and challenges, many of the technologies critical to building smart water networks are in development or already on the market today. Utilities will need to consider carefully which solutions to implement and work closely with technology providers to create the right set of tools. The future of smart water networks will rely on the partnership between people and technology to address one of our most precious resources: water. The vision of safe, clean drinking water for all is one that smart water networks can help us keep in focus. 

Dave Wiegers, Sensus USA
Dave Wiegers, is a 20+ year veteran in the waterworks industry. He has been employed by Sensus for 20 years and has held the title of local territory Manager/District Manager in the Chicago and Northern Illinois area since 1996.