Excel 101

IEPA ID#: 7296
Room: Computer Lab TBD
Time: 9:00 - 9:30 am
Presenter: Jim Huchel, City of Crystal Lake

Moderator: Frank Frelka


What is a good use for excel at your facility. The 101 session will deal with "IF” statements. The session will show how to use them and when to use the statements. The 102 class will deal with linking excel workbooks. This is an easy an effective way of sharing information between workbooks.

This class is for who are familiar with excel and want it to do more with "IF Statements”, "ISERROR”, and other basic formulas. It will also show people how to create, edit and update a link to another spreadsheet.

Jim Huchel, City of Crystal Lake

Currently employed as the wastewater superintendent for the City of Crystal Lake. I have been in the field of wastewater for the last 29 years. My experience comes from working at 5 different wastewater facilities throughout the country. I am a member of WEF, AWWA, Central States Water environment Association and I have my class 1 wastewater certification.