Thursday 9:30 AM
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Room: Diamond

How Much Energy do Illinois Utilities Use? Results of the Water Energy Nexus Utility Survey

As an update to the previous WATERCON 2011 presentation, the Water Efficiency Committee will present the results from our Water Energy Nexus Survey. The survey solicited water supply and energy data from a variety of utilities throughout the State to calculate total energy cost (kWh/therms), energy cost as percent of annual operating budget, energy production cost ($/MG produced), kWh per MG produced, and non-revenue water. The results are categorized by water source: groundwater, Lake Michigan, and other surface waters and will provide baseline data to better understand energy's role in water production and delivery. Illinois is one of the first states in the nation to embark on such a survey for its water utilities.

Moderator:  Chris Ulm


Amy Talbot - CMAP

Amy Talbot attended The University of Texas at Austin and received a Bachelors Degree in Urban Studies from the Department of Geography and the Environment.  Ms. Talbot joined the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) in February 2006 and became a LEED Accredited Professional shortly thereafter.  At CMAP, Amy contributed to the development of Water 2050: Northeastern Illinois Regional Water Supply/Demand Plan, the result of an 11-county regional water supply planning process.  During this process, she focused on exploring the water and energy savings potential of water-use conservation best management practices.  In addition, she was the project lead in the recently completed Ferson-Otter Creek watershed planning process.