Thursday 9:30 AM

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Room: Emerald

What's Up with Hexavalent Chromium? A Summary of Potential Regulation Actions and Treatment Technologies

The purpose of this presentation is to inform utilities about regulatory and treatment aspects of Cr(VI) issue. To do this the presentation will provide an overview about what is known about chromium chemistry, occurrence, health effects, and treatment. In particular the presentation will focus on the results of a WaterResearch Foundation Study, performed by the author, which evaluated Cr(VI) treatment technologies. The study concluded that membrane process, anion exchange and reduction/precipitation are feasible treatment methods, as long as treatment objectives remain about approximately 2 ppb.

Moderator:  Jerry Bever


Philip Brandhuber - HDR Engineering

Dr. Philip Brandhuber specializes in water quality and drinking water treatment. He has performed original research into the occurrence and treatment of inorganic contaminants including arsenic, chromium, perchlorate, manganese and nitrate. Phil was the Principal Investigator for the Water Research Foundation Project "Low Level Hexavalent Chromium Treatment Options.”  Phil has also been the Principal Investigator for research project sponsored by the Water Industry Technical Fund, WaterReuse Foundation, and the Water Environment Research Foundation.  His widely publicized assessment of perchlorate occurrence in drinking water received national attention, including an interview on NPR's "All Things Considered."