Tuesday 2:00 PM
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Room: Capitol III

A Work Plan Approach to Long Term Control Plan Compliance: A Case Study from the East Chicago Sanitary District

The East Chicago Sanitary District (ECSD) commissioned the development of a work plan to evaluate solutions to meet the intent of its Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). The work plan includes alternatives that are designed to minimize the occurrences of CSO's to its receiving stream from a large combined collection system that is tributary to what is known as the "Alder Street Pump Station Basin." This presentation will discuss the unique approach to alternatives evaluated in the work plan and the associated financial and schedule implications.

Moderator:  Lou Storino


Anant Sriram, P.E. - Greeley and Hansen LLC

Mr. Anant Sriram is an Associate with Greeley and Hansen Engineers with 10 years of experience in the water and wastewater sector including various facility design and construction management, wastewater collection and water distribution systems.
He is a registered Professional Engineer and holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Syracuse University, New York.



Jay H. Niec, P.E., BCEE - Greeley and Hansen LLC

Mr. Niec has over 32 years of experience in wastewater and water facility design, management and operation. Mr. Niec is an office manager and a client manager who has; prepared project proposals, developed industrial pretreatment programs; performed regulatory audits; provided expert witness services; completed water main, sanitary, storm sewer and lift station design; provided wastewater treatment plant evaluations for municipal and industrial facilities; completed wastewater and water facilities planning and design; and provided project management for water and wastewater treatment improvements projects for various municipal and industrial clients.