Tuesday 2:00 PM
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Room: Ruby

Chicago Uses Hydraulic and CFD Modeling to Assess the Effect of Future Water Demands

The Chicago Department of Water Management (CDWM) tasked AECOM with performing a Modeling Study for the Southwest Pump Station (SWPS) and South Tunnel System to determine how much water is available and what improvements will be required to meet future water demands. AECOM accomplished this task by hydraulic modeling of the SWPS and the South Tunnel System to identify the expected maximum capacity under both current and future (year 2030) water demand conditions. AECOM utilized the tunnel system modeling results to assess the SWPS's suction well conditions to determine if the suction levels are above minimum thresholds based on available pump data, and also to evaluate whether current and projected future operating conditions adhere to performance criteria of the Hydraulic Institute. AECOM also conducted a three-dimensional (3-D) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model study of the pump intakes at the SWPS to: (1) identify potential performance deficiencies with respect to Hydraulic Institute (HI) guidelines; (2) develop design modifications to improve the performance and determine the maximum capacity of the improved pump station; and (3) simulate the 2030 flow conditions and determine modifications to the current SWPS to meet future pumping needs.

Moderator:  Remi Aruna


Robert Butterworth - AECOM

Bob Butterworth is an Associate Vice President at the consulting firm of AECOM in Chicago.  His responsibilities include project management of potable water design projects.  Prior to joining AECOM, Bob was Deputy Commissioner of Engineering Services for the Chicago Department of Water Management.  In that role, he was responsible for design and construction of the Department’s Capital Improvement Program which was valued at $150 million annually.
Bob received his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Illinois.  He has over 40 years experience working in the water industry and is a Life Member of AWWA.

Chad Laucamp - AECOM