Tuesday 2:30 PM
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Room: Ruby

A Needle in the Haystack: A Scientific Approach to Developing a Potable Shallow Groundwater Supply in Central Illinois

The Village of Roanoke, Illinois, currently obtains its water supply from three sand and gravel wells in a well field located near the Village center. The well field targets two hydraulically independent sand and gravel aquifers, a shallow aquifer (50-60 BGS) and a deep aquifer (120 BGS). The two wells in the shallow aquifer have had numerous detects of the potentially harmful chemicals benzene, toluene, xylene and MTBE. In early 2009, the Village began a focused investigation to locate an alternate water supply with a setback sufficient to avoid interference from known contaminants. The investigation began with a comprehensive review of area geology; progressed through subsurface geophysical exploration and test hole drilling; and finished with the construction of a test well and a 72-hour aquifer test. The results have allowed the Village to begin designing a future water supply well and other water system upgrades.

Moderator:  Remi Aruna



Christopher G. Peschang, P.E. - Layne Christensen Company
Pat Jurek - Layne Hydro