Tuesday 1:00 PM

Room: Capitol I

Energy Nexus Roundtable

This would be an assistance workshop as a follow-up to the Water Efficiency Committee's Water Energy Nexus Survey Presentation at WATERCON 2012. Participants from the survey would have an opportunity to meet face to face in a 2 hour workshop to discuss their utility's energy practices in an effort to assist each other with new ideas for best management practices. The participants would be split up by water source to be most productive as energy use, practices, and treatment can vary greatly between water sources.



Darrell Blenniss - CLCJAWA

Darrell Blenniss Jr, is the Executive Director of the Central Lake County Joint Action Water Agency. Mr. Blenniss has a Master's degree in Public Administration from Ohio State University and a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Louisville. Mr. Blenniss has over thirteen years of management experience in local government serving communities in Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky.