Tuesday 1:30 PM
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Room: Illinois

A Tale of Three Cities - Case Studies of Aeration System Energy Efficiency Improvements

During these difficult economic times, many utilities are looking to identify opportunities to reduce energy use and operating costs. When evaluating the energy use at a wastewater facility, typically the focus is on aeration (blower operation), which can be up to 40% of the total energy use of a wastewater facility. Three utilities were charged with identifying opportunities/improvements to reduce energy use from aeration systems - Valparaiso, Indiana; Marion, Indiana; and Jacksonville, Illinois. This presentation is a "tale" of three cities that led aeration system energy efficiency improvements to reduce cost and save energy. This presentation will present data from each case study, planned versus actual energy savings, payback and capital costs.

Moderator:  Dave Tucker


Amrou Atassi - CDM
Amrou Atassi is a senior project manager with CDM smith with twelve years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. Amrou holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Valparaiso University and MS degree in Environmental Engineering from Purdue University. Amrou is a member of AWWA and WEF and is an active member of the Water Research Foundation. Amrou is a licensed PE and a board certified environmental engineer.