Tuesday 2:00 PM
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Room: Illinois

Where Should the Biogas Go?

The Stickney Water Reclamation Plant (SWRP) operated by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) is one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in the world. SWRP has several planned improvement projects that are estimated to approximately double biogas production over the next several years. The question of how to best utilize this new influx of biogas is difficult to answer due to the size and complexity of SWRP's operations. An Energy Flow Model was developed as a tool to assist the MWRD in making informed decisions about biogas utilization. This model allowed the MWRD to use a quantitative framework to examine a wide array of biogas utilization options. A major strength of this modeling approach was the ease of modification to quickly provide information on a large range of technologies and operating strategies. The model runs provided some surprising results, contradicting some preconceived notions.

Moderator:  Dave Tucker


Eric Auerbach - Malcolm Pirnie/Arcadis