Tuesday 3:00 PM
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Room: Illinois

Reducing Energy Costs Through Co-Digestion - A Practical Guide

The Rock River Water Reclamation District is undergoing an extensive evaluation and implementation of a co-digestion program, including laboratory testing for various waste types. This paper presents key findings and lessons learned by the Rock River Water Reclamation District in its evaluation and implementation of co-digestion, including the results of bench-scale waste testing, impacts of co-digestion on the rest of the treatment process, the availability of various waste types in the market place, and the economics of various alternatives for co-digestion.

Moderator:  Dave Tucker


Paul Boersma - Black & Veatch
Paul Boersma is an associate vice-president with Black & Veatch and leads projects for their northern Illinois and Wisconsin clients.  He has a Master’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan. Throughout his career, he has led or participated in a variety of wastewater facility planning, pump station design, energy management, asset management, and water supply and treatment projects in northern Illinois and Wisconsin.