Tuesday 1:30 PM
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Room: Diamond

Establishing the Potential for a Comprehensive Water Conservation Program through a Network of Partners and Increased Communication

Water conservation programs that succeed in reaching their goal of reducing water integrate six program aspects that include: partnering with groups that can help reach water users, creating the social marketing to encourage conservation, incentivizing water-saving measures, implementing ordinances, codes and policies that promote conservation, adopting conservation water rate structures, and communicating about conservation through education and awareness. This presentation will present the case study of the Province of Saskatchewan. The Province had previously implemented a toilet rebate replacement program, in order to replace high-flow toilets with their low-flow counterparts. A review of the program showed that while participants were satisfied with the program, most residents were unaware of the program. In looking for the aspects found in other successful programs, the Province's program was highly focused on incentivizing the water-saving measure with some emphasis on the partnerships with groups to distribute its message and some communication about the program through an advertising campaign. This presentation will demonstrate the importance of communication and how this type of program has the potential to be sustainable over time and incorporate all six program aspects along the way.

Moderator:  Jeff Freeman


Caitlin Feehan - MWH Americas

Caitlin Feehan has four years of experience delivering projects to help municipalities plan for the conveyance and management of their potable, storm, and waste water.  Her particular skills lie in the sustainable management of municipalities’ water and she has worked with multiple utilities to help understand the need for balancing present water issues with their potential future water needs though best management practices.