Tuesday 4:00 PM
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Room: Diamond

Benefits of Consolidating Customer Services - City of Rockford

The City of Rockford recently consolidated water customer service, billing, and collections. The consolidation was motivated by the need to improve customer service, reduce costs by eliminating redundant services, and develop and apply consistent policies and procedures. The process included a detailed job analysis, a review of business practices, and identification of possible improvements in efficiency and cost reductions. Performance measurements and standard operating procedures were also developed during the process. Training on new business processes was integrated into the training for a significant utility billing software upgrade. The process employed in making this significant change in the City's approach to water utility billing and customer service will benefit other cities and water utilities. The results of the process illustrate how organizations can restructure to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Moderator:  Jeff Freeman


Tim Holdeman - City of Rockford - Water Division

Tim Holdeman is Water Superintendent for the City of Rockford.  He is a Class "A” Operator and has been working in the Water Industry for 25 years.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Geology from Indiana University and a Master of Science Degree in Geologic Sciences from Wright State University.