Tuesday 4:30 PM
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Room: Diamond

Analysis Paralysis: Making Meaningful and Strategic Decisions Using the Tsunami of Hourly Meter Reading Data

Today's fixed network (AMI) meter reading systems provide more information than a utility has ever had to deal with before. Once using quarterly meter reads to simply bill customers, utilities are now faced with having to become more proactive using hourly meter information as a tool to predict consumption patterns, detect premise leaks and potential customer tampering, detect back flow conditions, and provide a defensible argument for customer billing complaints. Using an analytical software approach gives the utility the ability to filter out the unnecessary data by selecting only those critical elements that they need on an account-by-account basis. This presentation will focus on what options you have once you have the daily metering system data, methods that can be used to deliver the data to the appropriate personnel (or even shared with the end user) and will show advantages that put the control back in the utility's hands. The presentation will feature a web-based software solution approach that keeps things simple and at a higher level for ease of understanding.

Moderator:  Jeff Freeman


Gary Ziegler - Badger Meter