Tuesday 1:30 PM
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Room: Sapphire

Technologies for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: Nitrogen Removal from Sludge Dewatering Liquor

Wastewater treatment plants contemplating enhanced anaerobic digestion for increased biogas production need to take into consideration the impact of increased nutrient content of the sludge dewatering liquor sidestream on the main plant. Fortunately, treatment technologies for efficient removal of nitrogen from the sidestream are available and have the added benefit of enhancing the sustainability of wastewater treatment operations by reducing the energy and external inputs required to achieve denitrification or by producing a beneficial reuse product. Four nitrogen removal technologies are reviewed including case studies describing implementation of each technology at full-scale.

Moderator:  Krishna Pagilla


Robert Smith - Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS

Dr. Robert Smith is a consulting engineer from Columbus, Ohio.  He has a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and is registered as a Professional Engineer (Ohio), and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE).   His professional experience is in the planning, design, operation, and regulatory compliance of municipal and industrial wastewater and residuals treatment and utilization systems.  Treatment of reject water from dewatering was the topic of his Ph.D. dissertation.  He has also served as the focus area leader for sidestream treatment at Malcolm Pirnie/ARCADIS.  He is currently Vice-Chair of the Ohio Water Environment Association Biosolids and Residuals Committee.  He has made numerous presentations at conferences sponsored by WEF and the IWA on aspects of nutrient removal.