Tuesday 2:00 PM
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Room: Sapphire

Sidestream Treatment Overview

As the effluent requirements are getting more stringent, many municipalities are exploring treatment processes that can reduce the sidestream load recycled back to the mainstream treatment. The impact of sidestream load on the mainstream treatment is of particular concern for treatment plants that use anaerobic digestion for solids stabilization. Sidestream from dewatering processes, namely centrate and filtrate, are high in ammonia, low in carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, and low in alkalinity. Treating the sidestream through the mainstream treatment increases operational complexity and costs of the treatment plant. Therefore, sidestream treatment of centrate and filtrate has become more desirable. This presentation will include an overview of biological sidestream treatment processes which include nitrification/denitrification with bioaugmentation, nitritation/denitritation, and deammonification. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of each process will also be presented.

Moderator:  Krishna Pagilla


Kam Law - AECOM
Kam Law has been in the wastewater treatment industry for 17 years.  Her focus is on biological treatment processes with interest on nutrient removal and recovery.  She has a BS degree in civil engineering and an MS degree in environmental engineering from University of Kansas, and a Master of Project Management degree from Northwestern University.  She is a project manager in AECOM (Chicago).