Tuesday 3:30 PM
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Room: Sapphire

Nutrient Management - Proven Methods for Upgrading Your Facilities

Although nutrient limits are new to Illinois for stream dischargers, several other parts of the country have already implemented strict nutrient standards. This presentation will focus on several existing facilities throughout North America achieving low effluent phosphorus and nitrogen concentrations. These facilities have implemented treatment processes that consider chemical phosphorus removal, biological phosphorus removal, and a combination of both chemical and biological phosphorus removal. Additionally, many have implemented various levels of total nitrogen control. The processes used at these facilities will be discussed in detail along with the nutrient removal performance and operational control strategies. This presentation will be of interest to operators, administrators, and engineers involved with developing options to achieve low effluent phosphorus levels at their wastewater treatment facilities.

Moderator:  Krishna Pagilla


Steve Arant - Black & Veatch

Steve has 30 years of experience managing and designing a wide range of projects.  His areas of expertise include nutrient removal and biosolids management.  He has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Marquette University, and a M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He is a member of the Water Environment Federation and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer.