Tuesday 4:00 PM
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Room: Sapphire

Simultaneous Nutrient Removal: Quantification, Design, and Operation

Simultaneous nutrient removal (SNR) is a process which has been studied and observed by researchers, engineers, and operators in both bench-scale and full-scale systems. With an increasing focus on nutrient removal for wastewater treatment facilities, an understanding of how to quantify SNR and how to take advantage of the process during design and operation becomes more important. Designing for SNR can reduce the tank volume expansions required when shifting from a nitrification facility to a biological nutrient removal (BNR) facility. This presentation will give some background on SNR and will discuss two full-scale systems where SNR has been evaluated and quantified: a suspended growth system and an integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) system. A discussion of how SNR at these facilities is being incorporated into design and operation will also be included in the presentation.

Moderator:  Krishna Pagilla


Leon Downing - Donohue and Associates

Leon Downing’s expertise includes planning, designing, starting up, analyzing, troubleshooting, and auditing wastewater treatment systems, and developing and delivering both training and operations and maintenance (O&M) manuals for such systems. Dr. Downing has 8 years of experience working in the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment field, focusing on process modeling, nutrient removal and recovery, biofilm reactor technology, and sustainable infrastructure planning.  In addition to his consulting experience, he has been active in several professional organizations, including serving as one of the lead authors on the upcoming WEF BNR Operations Manual of Practice, the vice-chair of two subcommittees in the WEF Municipal Wastewater Treatment Design Committee, and as a member of the WEF/IWA Wastewater Treatment Modeling Seminar.