Tuesday 2:30  PM
Operator Precon 

Room: Emerald

The Permitting Process for Illinois' Community Drinking Water Systems (1 hour)

IEPA permit department staff will provide a general overview of the permit process for Water Works Systems in Illinois.  The presentation will summarize the types of projects that require a permit and then summarize the permit forms that need to be completed.  It also will discuss the permit review and notification process.  Some typical permit process do’s and don’ts will be discussed.  Updated or new permit requirements will be highlighted during the presentation.  The session will end with an extended time block for permit related questions.

Moderator:  Geza Ehrentreu


Dave Cook, IEPA
Dave is an engineering graduate from the University of Illinois and a registered professional engineer. He has worked for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for 22 years in the Drinking Water Permit and Field Operations Sections. He is currently the Manager for the Springfield Regional Office.

Michelle Dickson, IEPA
Michelle Dickson has been working with the Illinois EPA, in the Bureau of Water, Division of Public Water Supplies, Permit Section as an intern overseeing the operating permits program since August 2010.  She is currently working on a Master’s degree through the University of Illinois at Springfield with an emphasis in Environmental Planning and Management.  Michelle received a Bachelor of Science in General Science from the United States Naval Academy and served five years in the Marine Corps as an Aviation Supply Logistics Officer.  Along with her work with the operating permits, she has been integral in the development and maintenance of the Illinois EPA’s Small Systems Compliance Grant Program as well as assisting in numerous other projects.  Michelle has focused her graduate project on identifying best-management practices for managing sub-surface agricultural tile drainage and nutrient transport to improve water quality.