Tuesday 8:30 AM
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Room: Ruby

A Unique Source Water Monitoring Initiative on the Upper Mississippi River

This presentation will focus on the multi-agency efforts to establish a real time source water monitoring network along the Upper Mississippi River (UMR). The monitoring network currently includes four active stations, with several additional stations in various stages of development. Each station features the use of fresh water mussels as bio-monitors, along with an YSI probe and spectrophotometer to monitor additional parameters. The station monitoring equipment is interfaced to a computer and telemetry equipment, which supports internet based data sharing and off-site data storage. The completed network is envisioned to provide water utilities and other UMR stakeholders with advanced notice of accidental/deliberate chemical releases and other unusual changes in source water quality. Project partners include various state agencies, universities, water utilities, and other entities who are working in concert with project leaders from USEPA Region 5, USEPA Office of Research and Development and their project consultant. The presentation will highlight the unique approach, challenges and benefits associated with this partnership's efforts to establish a real time source water monitoring network on the UMR.

Moderator:  Chris Ulm


Greg Swanson - City of Moline

Greg Swanson is Utilities General Manager for the City of Moline, where he has worked in the public water supply field since 1977. He has presented on a variety of drinking water topics for numerous professional, civic, and educational organizations. Greg is a strong advocate of public outreach efforts that promote knowledge and appreciation of water supply system benefits and challenges. Greg is a member of ISAWWA’s source water protection and Outreach committees and currently serves as ISAWWA District 1 Trustee.