Tuesday 10:00 AM
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Room: Sangamon

City of Elgin Shales Tower Painting

City of Elgin's low pressure zone has one two million gallon tower that was in dire need of painting. Chief operator has little concern over this as he states that we used to run the low zone on pressure all the time in the old days. Chief retires new chief says we are not ready, at the minimum a VFD should be added. Inspection showed that the exterior was in the worst shape but the interior was suspect due to the inspection being a dive and clean. At the time of the inspection the PRVs separating the high and low zone were evaluated and found to be in poor condition. Enter the new water department engineer and the model of the distribution system. New Engineer is given this project right away and takes a serious look at operating a pressure zone this large on pressure. The model was run without the tower for a base line. Items are targeted to implement before the tower is taken out of service including one VFD, replacement of four PRVs, and hydrant pressure blow off valves installed at strategic points. Operations lessons learned during the tower painting, fine tune your pressure zone not the pressure, high flows, power outages due an increase of storms and high temperatures, main breaks with the system on pressure.

Moderator:  Terry McGhee


Eric Weiss - City of Elgin

Eric Weiss has been the Water Operation Engineer for the City of Elgin, Illinois Water Department since the summer of 2010. Prior to his present role at the water department, Eric was an Associate Engineer for Gerald L. Heinz and Associates, Inc. for 6 years.  He completed his undergraduate Civil Engineering education at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Illinois.  Eric has been a member of the Illinois Section of AWWA since beginning with Elgin, and is presently enrolled in the Illinois Public Service Institute program with a scholarship from ISAWWA.

Stephen Page - City of Elgin

Stephen Page is the Chief Plant Operator for the Elgin Water Department. He has had this role for two years, Assistant Chief Operator for five years, and Operator for two years. Prior to this he was a class K operator for Burgess Norton mfg. for ten years. His duties included analysis and process control of metal working fluids, and metallurgical analysis as well as the water treatment. Stephen started his career in the same roll for ITW for 15 years. He also did metal finishing research much of his time with ITW.