Tuesday 7:30 AM
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Room: Sangamon

St. John, Indiana, Raises Two Elevated Tanks and Reaches New Heights in Customer Satisfaction

In the early 2000's, St. John's east side service area experienced low water pressure problems and during peak demands, the pressure fell below acceptable levels. The Town had to decide between installing multiple booster pump stations, six pressure-reducing stations and managing three independent pressure zones or change the hydraulic grade line (HGL) of the distribution system by adding 35 feet to each elevated tank. The Town choose to raise the high water level of both pre-existing elevated tanks by adding an additional 35 feet. The increased HGL would increase the pressure by approximately 15 psi. The highest pressure in the service area would be 85 psi and the lowest would be 40 psi. The cost for raising both tanks was approximately $1,100,000 (2006 dollars).

Moderator:  Terry McGhee


Thomas E. Nagle, P.E. - Robinson Engineering, Ltd.