Tuesday 7:30 AM

Room: Capitol I

Disaster Management for Water and Wastewater (TEEX)

This course brings together those personnel from within a jurisdiction who would be required to manage or react to any natural or man-made incident that could potentially affect a water or wastewater utility. The course introduces the various natural and man-made hazards to which water and wastewater systems may be vulnerable and the potential effects the hazards may induce. Participants are guided through portions of the Environmental Protection Agencies Response Protocol Toolbox to identify steps in the response and recovery processes.

Moderator:  Chuck Corley


Stanley States - Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Laboratory

BIO: Stanley States has been an Adjunct Instructor with the Texas Engineering Extension Service for the past 10 years.  Stanley’s full time job is Director of Water Quality and Production for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.  He has been with the Water Authority for the past 36 years.  Stanley’s educational background includes an MS degree in Forensic Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Environmental Biology.  Stanley has been a member of AWWA for the past 35 years.

Stanley States has an extensive background in Homeland Security.  He has written and presented (in this country And overseas) a number of short courses, workshops, and webcasts on water utility homeland security  for a variety of organizations including the US Justice Department, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Army, the US Centers for Disease Control, the American Waterworks Association, the Water Environment Federation, and the Texas Engineering Extension Service.  Stanley has conducted and published original research on rapid analytical techniques and contamination warning systems.  He has also authored a book, published by the American Waterworks Association, entitled: "Security and Emergency Planning for Water Utilities”.