Tuesday 10:30 AM
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Room: Sapphire

Innovative Operational Strategy for Effective Nutrient Removal at Tulsa Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Northside Treatment Plant was facing potential weekly and monthly ammonia permit violations when the Oklahoma ammonia discharge requirements became more stringent. Factors contributing to the high effluent ammonia concentrations at the plant included inadequate aeration capacity, large recycle flow stream peaks and poor sludge settling characteristics in the older half of the plant. This project involved improvements to the nitrification system for a plant flow rate of 42.6 mgd that could be expanded and/or modified in a cost effective manner to accommodate the following: an increased plant capacity of 48.0 mgd, an increased nutrient removal to meet the stringent nitrogen and phosphorus effluent discharge limits considered likely in the 20-year planning period. This was done by utilizing disk diffuser technology and converting operations to plug flow configuration, and ultimately a step feed configuration, with a liquid depth of 2.3 feet greater than the existing conditions to increase overall plant capacity.

Moderator:  Mark Halm


Sai Archana Kuchimanchi - Greeley and Hansen

Ms. Sai Archana Kuchimanchi has more than 5 years of engineering experience in wastewater design engineering and is a registered professional engineer. She is currently an engineer at Greeley and Hansen, a leading environmental consulting engineering firm dedicated to the water and wastewater industry. Ms. Kuchimanchi has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and a Bachelors in Civil Engineering from India.

Prior to joining Greeley and Hansen in 2007, Ms. Kuchimanchi spent a year doing internships with the Illinois EPA and American Resource Solutions. As an IEPA intern, she performed hydraulic and environmental evaluations to study the performance of the existing wastewater treatment systems for a meat processing facility. During her internship with American Resource Solutions, she was overlooking the demolition at the OHare Modernization project, in collaboration with Tetra Tech.

She has been a member the Illinois Water Environment Federation since 2004 and has been actively involved in numerous Young Professional activities.  She is also currently the Chair of the IWEA Young Professional Committee.