Tuesday 11:00 AM
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Room: Sapphire

Effectively Converting Conventional Activated Sludge System to Biological Nutrients Removal Process - A Case Study

The City of Westminster in Colorado was notified by the State Regulators about upcoming nutrient limits when it was in the process of expanding its wastewater treatment facility to accommodate anticipated growth. The City saw the benefit of combining the expansion and upgrading into one project to minimize disruption to the plant operations. A list of biological nutrient removal processes was developed, which included A2O, Midified Bardenpho, UCT, VIP, JHB, and ISAH. These processes were screened and evaluated in detail, and the project team through consensus selected one that was considered most economical and practical for the City's plant. The presentation will show how the existing treatment plant was converted to BNR facility while minimizing cost.

Moderator:  Mark Halm


Jyh-Wei (Al) Sun - CDM Inc.

Mr. Sun is a senior vice president with Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. During the 33 years tenure with the company, he has worked on hundreds of water and wastewater projects and served as client service manager, program manager, project manager, project engineer, quality control manager and senior technical resource. Mr. Sun is currently leading the Wastewater Treatment Processes discipline for the company.