Tuesday 1:30 PM
Water Quality 
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Room: Sangamon

Lead Over Time in Chicago

Chicago, as is typical of older cities, has many residences that own lead water service lines that connect to water mains in the street. Lead was used until the 1986 amendment to the Safe Drinking Water Act that banned the use of materials containing lead in public water supplies and in residences connected to public water supplies. Our current belief is that approximately 78% of all Chicago services are lead. Chicago has been proactively involved in researching the impact of lead in drinking water for over 30 years. For example, in 1976 and 1977, the City of Chicago Departments of Water Management and Health along with the World Health Organization measured lead in blood samples and home kitchen taps from 99 employees. Individual lead compliance sites have been tracked over time since 1997. The majority show a decrease in lead concentrations over time, indicating the blended phosphate addition is working well. CDWM continues to be at the forefront of lead research and has partnered with the USEPA and Chicago Department of Public Health to conduct further research studies.

Moderator:  Eduardo Gasca


Andrea Putz - City of Chicago Dept of Water Management
Andrea R. H. Putz is the Water Research Specialist for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management where she is lucky enough to spend her days working on her passions - drinking water treatment, water efficiency, and water meters.  Andrea has been with the City of Chicago since 2004.  During her undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign she interned as an engineer trainee at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.  After receiving her BS in Civil Engineering, she began her graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin where she worked as a Graduate Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Laboratory Manager while earning her Masters degree and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering.

Andrea has been a member of AWWA for 14 years and is actively involved in local AWWA section activities including serving as Chair of the Young Professionals Steering Committee, a member of the WATERCON Technical Program Committee, and most recently as a Trustee.  Andrea has also served on the 2010 Annual Conference and Exhibition Local Planning Committee and the Water Trailer Committee.  She is also a Project Advisory Committee member for the AWWA Research Foundation.