Tuesday 2:30 PM
Water Quality 
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Room: Sangamon

Lead and Copper Compliance at the Racine, Wisconsin, Water Utility

Compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule can be difficult for many water systems and can be achieved by a variety of different treatment techniques including the application of a corrosion inhibitor. This presentation will cover the lead and copper rule and its application to a water system. Selection of the corrosion inhibitor based on the water quality of this Great Lakes water source will be discussed. The results of lead, copper, and mild steel corrosion control coupons in selecting between orthophosphate and a blended phosphate for this water system will be shown. Full scale application of the blended phosphate to the distribution system along with the positive trend of lowered lead and copper compliance sampling results will be discussed. Finally, the training and education of the homeowners that perform the lead and copper sampling will be discussed along with public education for the community as well.

Moderator:  Eduardo Gasca


Darin Skutt - Carus Corporation