Tuesday 4:00 PM
Water Quality 
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Room: Sangamon

Monochloramine Monitoring: Reliable Analysis, Safer Drinking Water

The EPA has defined monochloramination as a standard procedure to disinfect potable water, as this causes less taste and odor issues depending on the water source. Monochloramines have also better long term stability properties and are therefore considered a safer disinfectant. Monochloramines are produced directly in-line by dosing free chlorine and ammonia. This process is prone to produce toxic by-products if not tightly monitored, hence, process control requirements become a crucial factor in safe drinking water disinfection. Dosing sufficient free chlorine (FC) while not overdosing ammonia is key to avoid production of such toxic by-products and hence, continuous and automatic monitoring of free chlorine (FC) monochloramines (MC) and total chlorine (TC) is inevitable. Manual sampling and determination of various chlorine compounds are rarely giving the operator reliable control over the monochloramine formation, as the reaction times vary for different species of chlorine. An automatic and continuous measurement eliminates the human error reliably if the analyser is equipped with a suitable instrument integrity monitoring system. This paper discusses the prerequisites and possibilities to implement automatic monitoring of the main control parameters FC, MC and TC by means of colorimetric measuring principle and illustrates the process control with a practical example from an American water treatment plant.

Moderator:  Eduardo Gasca


Kevin ForsmanSwan Analytical USA

Kevin is currently the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for SWAN Analytical USA, Inc., a Swiss based company specializing in On-line ppm, ppb and ppt analytical instruments.
Kevin has been a member of Illinois  AWWA section for over 20 years and has been involved with instrumentation and controls In water and wastewater his entire carreer.
Kevin has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.