Wednesday 8:30 AM

Room: Diamond

Review of Challenges for the Installation of Large Sewer and Water Pipelines in Tunnels

Shallow installation of major water pipelines, sewer pipes, and combined sewers has always been challenging due to a variety of issues. Challenges include routing, subsurface conditions, size of pipes, congestion of existing utilities, ground topography, hydraulic criteria such as slope and storage requirements, restrictive surface conditions, major above-ground civil works, surface water features, depth, and public resistance to surface disruptions. The use of trenchless technology, and tunneling through deep ground in particular, can be used to mitigate these challenges for the construction of major pipeline utilities. However, tunneling projects present their own risks and challenges. This presentation will provide a cursory review of some of the challenges that politics, existing utilities, and Mother Nature have created for tunneling projects in this region, along with some of the creative solutions designed and constructed to get around (or under) them. Project highlights will focus on examples from major tunneling projects including sewer relief projects for the City of Evanston, the Village of Arlington Heights, and the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) for MWRD, as well as a water intake tunnel in Gary, Indiana.

Moderator:  Jeff Musinski


Mohammad Djavid - MWH Americas, Inc.