Wednesday 2:30 PM
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Room: Ruby

Cost Effective Methods of Monitoring/Automating Flow Control Equipment

Traditional methods of automating or monitoring flow control equipment were primarily accomplished through either electric operators or compressed air cylinder systems. These practical modes of actuation have their limitations, either due to the process itself or where the process is of a critical nature that requires more than just simple valve open and close commands. Monitoring of new and, in particular, existing flow control equipment becomes cost prohibitive when realizing infrastructure costs related to hardwire modes of communication. This presentation will address alternate modes of actuation that will allow the end user to realize affordable methods of control and cost effective wireless alternatives to hardwire monitoring of flow control eqiuipment.

Moderator:  David Said


Timothy Q. Fallon - Henry Pratt Company

Tim Fallon has been with the Henry Pratt Company for over 15 years. He has held management positions in Manufacturing Engineering, Product Engineering, Marketing and is currently a Product Manager for the Company.