Wednesday 4:00 PM

Room: Ruby

Water Meter Replacement:  Fine Tuning Your System's Cash Register

Water Meter Replacement Program. For nearly all water supplies, accurate and consistent meter reading is THE source of revenue. Is the cost of meter replacement justified? While the City of Springfield currently has over 52,000 active water meters, the largest revenue generating meters are the larger and most expensive meters to replace. With the help of an ARRA Loan, CWLP was able finance the first phase of an ongoing meter replacement and upgrade program. By replacing 215 of the system's largest meters with new AMR meters, we continue to monitor increased accuracy. In addition, conversion to an AMR meter reading/customer billing system continues to improve our efficiency and customer service. Following the installation of the new meters in 2010, CWLP continues to monitor increases in revenue and decreases in its unmetered water. With more data available, we continue to better justify these expenses. The next phase of meter replacements includes 500, or nearly 30%, of our current 1719 meters.

Moderator:  David Said


Lori Cox - City Water, Light & Power

Lori Cox has served as an Engineering Technician in Water Engineering at City Water Light and Power here in Springfield since January 1984. In addition to overseeing new construction projects, Lori views caring for the Utility‚Äôs infrastructure as a very important part of her job.  She hopes that this presentation will be of value to each of you.


Steve Stewart - City Water, Light & Power

Steve Stewart is the General Superintendent of Water Engineering and Operations at City Water, Light & Power here in Springfield. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and has overseen the design of about a third of the 750 mile CWLP water distribution system since 1980. Steve is a Professional Engineer and has been a member of AWWA and the NSPE/ ISPE for over 30 years. Steve is married, has 4 children and last year became a grandfather to the three cutest babies anywhere.