Wednesday 4:30 PM
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Room: Ruby

No-Lead Water Service Brass and Legislation

This presentation will detail the new "Reduction of Lead In Drinking Water Act" and no-lead water service brass. The presentation will discuss the affects of this legislation on manufacturers, distributors, and municipalities from the standpoints of compliance, materials, conversion, costs, and installation of no-lead water service brass in potable water systems.

Moderator:  David Said


George Gilson Jr. - A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co.

George has been in the waterworks industry for almost 13 years and is currently the Central Regional Manager for A.Y. McDonald and has been employed for 6 years by the company. A.Y. McDonald Mfg. was established in 1856 and is the oldest brass manufacturer of waterworks and plumbing products in the industry. His presentations always provide training of all brass materials and components that make up a water service lateral from pipe to meter. His training topics often will include one or more topics containing information on manufacturing processes, material composition of both 85-5-5-5 brass and no lead brass, proper installation procedures and practices, ball valve vs. plug valve design differences, recognition and prevention of damaged brass products, meter setters and meter connections, brass saddles, and finally different types of end connections available for brass components involved in a service lateral. He has done training through distribution, through municipal end-users, and through organizations such as AWWA and Rural Water throughout the Central part of the United States.